Type of Uke

Our course is compatible with the following ukulele types:

  • soprano
  • concert (aka alto)
  • tenor
  • baritone*
You can definitely use a Baritone uke with our lesson program; you'll just need to put a capo on the 5th fret.
This converts the tuning to GCEA, which allows you to follow along with the lessons.
This capo at the link below seems like the best option, weighing quality and price.
It's for banjo but will work for uke:
Jim Dunlop 85 Bb Dunlop Banjo Capo Blk
ANOTHER SPECIALTY OPTION - the "banjo uke" or "banjolele":
Yes, the course is suitable for the banjo uke. 
You may need to use a plectrum or “pic,” as the banjo uke strings are a bit different than the ones on other ukes.
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